중국 모바일 헬스케어 시장 정기보고 (2012-2013) 본문


중국 모바일 헬스케어 시장 정기보고 (2012-2013)

David.Cheon 2015.01.26 01:10

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iiMedia Research, a world famous research institution in the smart phone and mobile internet field, released the China Mobile Health Market Research Annual Report (2012-2013) on 19th April. Data of iiMedia Research shows that the market size of China wearable portable mobile health equipments achieved 420 million in 2012. It will achieve one billion by 2015 and 5 billion by 2017.

Mobile Health, called the jewel in the crown, is the major concerns of the ministry of health. Beside of the professional hospital mobile health systems, the present popular mobile terminal makes a figure in mobile health field. 3G mobile communication technology has matured increasingly. Ministry of Health pays much more attention to mobile health field. More and More companies and investment organizations swarm into mobile health market. Mobile operators, medical apparatus and instruments companies, terminal manufacturer, system integrators, software solution partners are the important links. With the development of domestic mobile internet and the public concerns of medical health, mobile health has began to grown and will develop rapidly in 2015 but it still takes a while for medical institutions and government to understand the concepts of mobile applications and cloud computing. Data of iiMedia Research shows that the market size of China mobile health achieved 1.86 billion in 2012, a 17.7% increase from previous year. By the end of 2017, the market size of China mobile health will cross 10 billion and achieve 12.53 billion.

Regular services, diagnostic services and therapeutic services will always share the most part of China mobile health market due to the background of mobile internet technology. Data of iiMedia Research shows that the market size of mobile health regular services achieved 1.13 billion in 2012, while 220 million for mobile diagnostic services (just online assistant diagnoses), 170 million for therapeutic services (not include hospitalized services). The market size of mobile health regular services will achieve 7.34 billion by 2017.

iiMedia Research predicts that telecom operators, as the prime player and beneficiary, will represent more than half of the market share in the process of China mobile health development in the next 5 years. Equipment suppliers will be the second one.

Currently, there are more than 2000 kinds of health application products which still faced so many problems.

Domestic mobile health was in a fledging period that each company was active to layout and explored each mode of operation. The profit model had not yet been clearly in 2012. The main points of operation are users’ accumulation, users’ activation and continuous revenue. The key point is collection and utilization of data. Currently, the main profit models of China are advertisements, value-added services, on-line inquiries and so on. Most companies focus on laying a solid foundation first and then cashing in.

Mobile health is a general trend. But considering existing domestic truth, its spring has not yet arrived. It faces with so many practical difficulties.

1、 Lack of medical resources, unreasonable allocation, difficult and expensive to see a doctor, medical innovation did not work well

2、 Information systems of most public hospitals are in low openness, low standardization and low ability of data sharing.

3、There are great policy risk and supervision risk in the emerging mobile health field.

4、 The information systems of medical institutions need a stable and secure environment. An unstable and insecure environment is the weakness of mobile internet.

5、 The number of users is low and the users are inactive of most mobile health applications.

6、 Users’ intention of medical staff is not strong.

7、 Ordinary consumers has not got great consumer experiences from mobile health applications.

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